About Jelana’s Bake Shop


We are a flavor focused bakery providing made to order morning pastries, signature cookies, dessert bars, custom cakes and cupcakes in various dietary preferences: traditional, vegan, gluten free, non-glycemic, and vegan gluten free.
Our mission is to change the American confection landscape from its dependency on sugar for flavor and return to the signature ingredient as the main stage star. Then customers can truly experience what many classic desserts were designed to taste like all while using high quality ingredients, working with vendors as local as possible, and keeping our carbon foot print to a minimum.

 The Bakery

Our vision is creating delicious ready made and custom made to order flavor focused baked goods just for you. Jelana’s Bake Shop is now a retail walk up bakery ready to fulfill your sweet desire in person and online! 

Branding with family photos, images, and business logos on your desserts is offered at Jelana's Bake Shop! Along with fruit topping additions, theme upgraded cakes/ cupcakes, and Individual desserts, morning pastries, cupcakes, and cookies will be packaged together. Additional charge for individually wrapped orders. Available for pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

Flavor Focused, Simply Baked Meaning

Cinnamon rolls, oatmeal dark chocolate coconut cookies, and red velvet cupcakes are delicious from the flavor of the produce and spices. Yet, mass production of classic treats is making overly processed sweeteners the dominant ingredient. Jelana’s Bake Shop is returning simply sourced dynamic flavors to our revolutionary pastries.

Working with local suppliers, Jelana's Bake Shop sources fresh and as local as possible simple ingredients. All fresh produce and animal based ingredients are organic. We use the best all purpose flours and Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour when needed. The comforting natural flavors of simply baked pastries shine here at Jelana's Bake Shop.

Who is Jelana

When I was eight years old, all I wanted was an Easy Bake Oven. I convinced my mom to watch the commercial for the toy oven and her response was while pointing to the kitchen oven, "there is your easy bake oven." I've been baking ever since. But don't let growing up helping my mom bake pies and cakes, recipes that have been handed down from my four mothers out of slavery, think this is what I wanted to do as a career.

After graduating from Mills College with honors and B.A. in Theatre Arts, I traveled to Europe, Mexico, Southern Asia, and throughout the United States. While pursuing a career in the performing arts as actor, dancer, and writer, I lived in various cities where I worked in restaurants for extra money.

Becoming more knowledgeable and passionate about food, pastry, and wine, my side hustle quickly became my main career. As a server and manager, I took on many after work pastry training sessions with chefs at Morimoto Maui, Mala Ocean Tavern, and The Cheesecake Factory. This led to baking positions at The Harvest Bar, Huber’s Cafe (Portland’s oldest restaurant), private events, and Daily Cafe expanding my operational, professional, and technical skills.

Marrying my professional training with my family heritage of baking, I was enlightened with how far baking could take me as an educated and career driven American woman. With the support of my family and my first commission for a wedding cake in New York City, my husband and I knew it was time to share my decadent delights - flavor focused and simply baked treats.
Discounts & Sponsorships

Supporting our community is a vital heartbeat to the Jelana’s Bake Shop family! If you qualify for any of these discounts or sponsorship, please email or call us before ordering to provide you information to receive your much deserved support!

Come by and meet our team! 18560 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR 97007 jelanasbakeshop.com, jelanasbakeshop@gmail.com or call: 503-430-0190

10% for military service members and veterans and their families.
10% for EBT families
10% for Educational Events/School orders

10% of all active Hillsboro Heat Swim Team family sales go back to supporting our
swimmers and team needs.

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